Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Singing My Life With His Words

A student brought me this song, after my recent automotive difficulties. To be fair, my dear, departed Jimmy actually cost me $1200, and it did last me a year, during which time I made no major repairs at all. By my math, that's $100 a month - a vastly better deal than most car notes. Only difference is at the end of the year, I no longer have a car - sort of like I leased it.

I buy thousand-dollar cars because a thousand dollars is about what I can scrape up on short notice, but I am starting to convince myself they aren't a bad idea, anyway, as long as you can tolerate the risks. I pay my AAA membership every year and keep my fingers crossed.

 As it turns out, I have an opportunity to do something novel - for me, anyway. I still have Red Rover, a 13-yr-old Daewoo - who ever heard of a Daewoo? - which, aside from occasional busts of sound, akin to dragging massive chains, seems to be chugging right along. What if I - wait for it!! - saved some money every month, against the day that Red Rover fails me? It almost seems sacrilegious: isn't that just begging for some financial misfortune to consume any monies thus set aside? As long as I have no savings, the universe seems content to slap me with mere mechanical failures. Who knows what might happen if the furies were to see me getting ahead?

No, surely not. That's just superstition, right? Right?
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