Friday, August 24, 2012

Float All Day

Sometimes I forget that it's okay to relax. I'm not Atlas, holding up the world. I did remember to relax on Wednesday, which was my 48th birthday: Doug and I took a glorious, all-day paddle down the Kennebec, including a stop for skinny-dipping! (Or, you know, chunky-dunking, in my case.)
All day in the sun tuckers a body out! I spent yesterday doing some errands but also doing a fair amount of snoozing. By late afternoon I was recovered enough to start loading the kiln. I'll finish up today and firing tomorrow. Unloading will be on Tuesday!! Watch here for photos.
In unrelated news, Doug has a new book out! It's called Alewife, and is a documentary history of the alewife in Maine and Massachusetts.

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