Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Next Big Thing

Apparently it's my modus to go to radio silence when big changes are in the wind. I did so last year just after I purchased the kiln bricks; this year my big news is that I have quit my day job. There's another piece of all this that isn't quite nailed down yet, so it's probably best not to discuss it publicly; but one thing that is sure, for the next few weeks, I will just be a potter. I can't tell you how excited I am about this! The IPTOG was fine, as jobs go; but like any office gig, most of the time it felt like a distraction to my real calling.
Another reason I have not been blogging much: I have been potting! I have orders to fill and I have been making and glazing like a mad bastard. The photo above is through the window of my summer studio; I had to install more shelves to accommodate the additional ware.
In other news: I bought a laptop. I was astonished how cheaply one can be had. My original intention was for road usage, when I am out selling, but of course once I had it I had to go get a wireless router, so I can use it at home as well. In my experience, one piece of technology often leads inexorably to another.
Anyway, that's my news. What's new with you?
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