Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pesky Muse

I have an order due July 1st; today is the last day I can throw for the bisque that will contain that order. I should be making items that I can create in volume, in order to fill the kiln: bowls, mugs, tumblers. But did I? Nooooo. No, today nothing would do but I make fussy, detailed dessert pieces: banana boats, parfait cups, mudslide plates, cake stands. What's with the dessert focus lately? Maybe because I am nominally dieting.

Anyway, I got this idea that I ought to work up a themed show: Sweet Life. I can think of three galleries who might bite (heh). Maybe partner with a painter who uses food imagery. So, I take it back. The muse isn't so bad. Her timing sucks, but what would we do without her?
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