Friday, June 10, 2011

AGAIN, with the TP

Am I cheap, or resourceful? Both, but whatever works, right? And there really isn't anything better than a roll of TP to support a teapot handle until it is dry enough to hold itself up. It has 3 major advantages:
  1. It's customizable. You can remove paper to make the interior curve of the handle smaller. You can squish the roll a little to get a more parabolic shape, in either direction.
  2. It's cheap and readily available. If there's no TP in your home, better stop reading and go get some.
  3. It compressed as the handle dries and shrinks. So, you won't crack your handle if you fail to remove the support at the exact moment the piece is firm enough.
Oh, and:
4. If you forget it and the handle gets too tight around the TP to remove it, you can just bisque it away. No harm, no foul.
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