Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reach For the Sky

As of yesterday, the stack towers around 15.5 feet -- about 13.5 feet of interior height, which is the part that matters as far as heat dynamics are concerned. Doug built the upper four feet of the thing, with me just handing up bricks, due to my not-quite-paralyzing fear of heights.

I am nerving myself up to try firing again on Thursday. I am waiting for a propane delivery: not that I necessarily think I will need it, but I'd hate to see nine starting to go and then...What the hell?...Out of fuel! So for the first (yes, I'm still calling it the first: I never unloaded the pots!) firing I'd like to start with full tanks.

I am not sure how being fired to 05, then cooled completely, then refired, will affect the outcome. The pots from this firing will carry a big "Results not typical" asterisk, but I am of course hoping for the best.

For all my unsinkable optimism, the expense is starting to disquiet me. Brick, wool, propane...I was supposed to be done by now, and selling the fruits this Christmas season. But no matter: there is no going back, and nothing to do but just do it 'til it's done. Damn the torpedoes -- full speed ahead!