Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back at the Wheel!

It's been weeks since I threw anything, outside of class demos. The long months during which I had no means to fire left me with plenty of greenware (now mostly bisqueware) so I am not making out of any need for inventory, but, blessedly, creative impulse. Throwing, altering, and assembling remain my favorite aspects of the ceramic cycle, although I am gaining an interest in more active glazing: brushing, trailing and using resists rather than plunking it in a bucket an hoping for the best. (I still do my fair share of plunking, as well!)

There's something very soothing about throwing and assembly, though. After creeping, creeping for months, ever-closer to the goal of a functioning kiln, it's nice to get that feeling of completion in seconds. The kiln-tweaking will continue, but I am on a sort of enforced hiatus, as I need to pay for the propane I've used getting this far, before I can fire again. I am hoping for another shot in January.  

By my own long tradition, I start back at the wheel with a board of mugs. Ah, mugs! Quick and endlessly variable, and if one doesn't work out, wedge it up and start again. 


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