Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

Okay, here's something I never do, because I fear focus on quantity diminishes quality; but I am going to try and throw enough to fill my bisque kiln, today.

The reason is, I just noticed that a piece that absolutely must be finished by April 1st, didn't make it into the yesterday's bisque. As Bugs Bunny would say, what a maroon! My kiln is only about 16 cf 27 cf (obvs. I wasn't a math major!) so there's no problem throwing that much; it's just finding time to trim, handle, and decorate all those pots, and still have time to get them dry and bisqued before the next glaze firing.

I won't sacrfice quality or style, and, honestly, it may turn out that they don't get done. I did not overspeak when I said this one piece must get done; but I have other options. No one would mind if I added one piece to Portland Pottery's kiln, and they bisque once or twice a week. But once the idea occured to me, it seemed like a good one, as a kind of research project. How much can I make and finish (wetwork, anyway), while preserving my somewhat decorative style, in a single week, if I really push? It seems to me this would be a good piece of information to have, for business planning purposes.

And you can help! If you see me on Twitter, or noodling around on Facebook, give me a nudge. Just, you know, a gentle, "Aren't you supposed to be throwing?" I have ADD, so I do tend to get distracted.
So what am I doing here? Up, up, out of your PJs, into the studio! Right, then -- I'm off.
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