Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here's What I've Been Doing Instead of Making Pots

Since early spring I've had some soreness and loss of range of motion in both shoulders. I thought that they were improving -- my right definitely was. And then one day I woke up almost completely unable to move my left arm from the shoulder at all. At least, not without howling in pain. Turns out I have adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder.

Until this happened, I would not have guessed how hugely inconvenient it would be. After all, I've still got one good arm, right? Well, practically everything I want to do is almost impossible one-handed. Okay, that's an overstatement. I don't have much trouble cooking, for example, or driving. But: getting dressed, working in the garden, making pots...even reading is much more difficult. I've postponed the firing I had hoped to do this week; I don't even have a good guess as to when I might reschedule. My shoulder is light years better than it was, but it is still drastically limited, and I am very afraid of re-injuring, further slowing a recovery that my doc says will take months as it is. So I do my exercises faithfully, and am ever so careful. 

So, anyblah: I might try throwing tomorrow, just some small things. On the up side, work has begun (Doug's work, that is: building goes on the long list of things I can't do right now) on the kiln shelter! And a nice day is finally on tap for tomorrow. 

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