Friday, November 7, 2008

Throwing List

  • 25 Cat Urns
  • Wedding Platter (yes, again)
  • Small S&P shalers

edit 11/10: I didn't get any of the items on my list thrown over the weekend.


Jerry said...

How funny (though I guess not really) that you mention cat urns. How much clay do you use for these? I need to make a couple and have never done so. Thanks!

Lori Watts said...

I use a little over a pound for the body of the jar. The lids I throw off the hump. Cat cremains are only a very small amount of ash, about a half cup.
I was all weirded out when I first got this order, as I am a real cat lover; but then I decided that a cat lover is exactly who really SHOULD be making these urns.

Jerry said...

Thanks for the info! I figured they would not have to be very big. It is an odd request for me, as I know the cats. The one that is still alive is nothing but skin and bones, so I'm sure his remains will be next to nothing.