Sunday, January 27, 2008

Firing Time!

These knobs are part of a special order, destined to be cabinet & drawer pulls in Virginia.

I've got two firings coming up: a stoneware firing the first weekend in February, in which the knobs above will be fired; and, returning to my roots a bit, a soda firing shortly thereafter. The soda firing represents a turn in my body of work, and is related to the changes that have been going on in the wet end of things. I look at some of these pots and I just can't think of a glazed surface that would suit them. I mostly fired atmospherically as a graduate student, and I still like the more dynamic surface that results. It also seems to be more related to the fire, and the process. Since I do have access to a soda kiln, (thanks Watershed!), it seemed like a good idea.

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