Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Cold Day

I was going to mix up glaze tests today, a Gold Shino, and a Shino Pearl. I've really got the Shino bug all of a sudden. In a later, less whiny post, I'll explain what Shinos are and why I love them. But my plans were derailed by a miserable head cold, caught, I suspect, from the still-snotty-nosed kittens I hauled out from under a dumpster and adopted a couple of months ago. (I am capable of simulaneously understanding that this is impossible and remaining convinced of its veracity.) But while they still behave as if they are Superballs made of Flubber despite the virus, I am laid out. I did manage to stay on my feet long enough to make some Hot Ginger Lemonade, which I'll say in passing, is much more effective in a hand made stoneware mug. Here's the recipe:

• Fill mug half full with Lemon Juice
• Fill the other half with warm water
• Add two (or three, if you've a sweet tooth) heaping tablespoons of sugar
• Grate fresh ginger into the mixture -- Yeah, right. I'm sick, remember? Anyway I'm sure as hell not running to the store for fresh ginger. So how about this: Shake a little powdered ginger into the cup.
• Microwave for two minutes, or until steaming hot.
• Enjoy!

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