Saturday, November 2, 2019

This Part

My dining room has looked like this for a week!
My making cycle is about 5 weeks long; one of those weeks is devoted to distribution. That's what this week has been: finding homes for the pots from the last firing, and, in this case, the ware from seasonal stores (common in Maine) that are closing until spring.
I should finally get my dining room back today (not that we ever dine in it, except at Thanksgiving.) Today we the last step in the distribution process - photographing the pots I've chosen for the online shop, and creating their listings. Should have those links for you later!


Debbie said...

Your work is sooo nice! Any chance you could do a post that breaks down your five weeks schedule? Curious how that works. Thx!

Lori Watts said...

Good idea, Debbie - I will work on that.