Friday, March 6, 2015

Wheel Week at Cony High

Every year, my town's high school ceramics program hosts potters for Wheel Week, in which each of five potters spends a day throwing and talking to the students about clay, creativity, and being an artist. Today was my day! Wheel Week is always fun for me; the kids ask great questions, and the school is in my neighborhood, so many of them know about my studio, or have seen the pottery stairs in my yard during the warmer weather.

In other news, we adopted a new cat today! Doug and I had agreed to bring another fur friend into the mix, and today I chose a big black and white kitty. He was named Survivor at the shelter, but I am thinking we will change that; whatever it was he had to survive, those days are past him now. It's Easy Street from here on out. He's a timid guy, and reminds me very much of Waldo. So far the other cats have not had much reaction at all, which is all to the good, since cats' first reaction to a new feline is usually hostility. I'll post a photo after he has had some time to adjust.

ETA:  Here he is! Still hiding but he did eat a little bit this morning. Baby steps!

Finn McCool

It's almost spring, and time for new beginnings.

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