Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Butterdish in the Pottery Shop

I listed a new butter dish in the online Pottery Shop today. It was the only item from my last firing, aside from a couple of mugs, which did not immediately have a destination right out of the kiln. This is really cool, of course, but also a little weird for me.

It's got to be good, though, that it makes me doubly motivated to get in the studio and make stuff. No matter how much I love making, full shelves always discourage me.

Next firing is, hopefully, September 24th. I know I always end up pushing it back, but I need to have a date to shoot for. 


Deb said...

Very nice.

June Perry said...

Love your butter dishes. Also love that turquoise glaze on the top of the butter dish on the far right of your header photo. Is that turquoise oribe from John Britt's book - the one with 6% copper? It doesn't look like it has that much copper, but you never know with soda. I need to add a bit more color to my pots and that turquoise would be a such a good marriage with the flashing slip.