Sunday, August 10, 2014

So, This Happened

Fortunately I love my work, because almost everything I do is work-related! Not absolutely everything, though; yesterday I was in a lovely wedding on a perfect summer day, blessed by a brief downpour. That's me, second from the right, as we do our half-assed Charlie's-Angels pose in the hotel room in our wedding finery. The bride - this bride, there were two - is my best friend from high school. Back then we talked about what sort of wedding we would have. My actual wedding was small and casual, but she went the whole nine yards. There was a chocolate fountain, y'all!

Today it's back to the mud, and the dust. Grinding kiln shelves, whoo-hoo! Then loading the bisque,
and then firing, probably overnight. Squashing it all into one day because when I play, I pay. I need inventory for a new store opening in Belfast, Maine: Quench! More later: time to get dirty.


Ldkrn said...

I'm wondering, is that Robin Mitch in those pics????

Lori Watts said...

It is! She looks the same as ever.

June Perry said...

Love the idea of raku piggy banks. Looks like your students had a good firing.