Friday, August 9, 2013

What Do You Do When Inspiration Flees?

As regular readers know, my family obligations have expanded this summer. It's not that it's so much more work - though there is some - but it takes up a great deal more of my mind. In the interest of privacy, I won't share much of what's happening on that front, except to say some parts are going well - arguably the most important parts - and in other ways it's much harder than I expected.
One thing I find difficult is really feeling it in the studio. I can make stuff, but I can't get that so-excited-to-make-stuff feeling that is the reason I love clay; that feeling that results in the best pots. I page through the Thursday Inspiration posts, which used to send me spinning onto the studio post haste, but that hasn't been working; so I'm trying a different tack.
I purchased Kristen Keiffer's Surface Decoration video!
(I tried to post an image here relating to the video, but Blogger is giving me a raft of shit. Of course it is.)
I can't yet say whether this will awaken my snoozing inspiration, but I can say this: this video is wonderful. Though the general techniques are things I am familiar with, Kristen has different approaches to all of them. I've only watched the first two chapters and I've already learned so much! Just wanted to share this with my readers: if you've been considering this DVD, it's well worth the $50 purchase price.
I'm off to watch the rest of it. Hope you are having a good summer.


B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Yes, to not always having the spark of inspiration and looking for it in all the wrong places. And I'm sending supportive energy as you deal with everything in your mind...and a reminder to get into your heart again. Linda Starr did it for me this morning with her photos of mushrooms. You never know. That video sounds lovely!

Linda Starr said...

I was going to say taking a day trip with nature, like a botanical garden or arboretum and I see Barbara has the same idea, getting away and having some quiet and alone time does it for me every time.

smartcat said...

A lovely surprise was waiting for me at the post office this morning. Your Kickstarter mug. It is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy to have been able to help you with your new firing range and delighted to have the mug, which will remind me of you every time I use it. A huge THANK YOU!

Kristen's video is terrific. I've learned a lot from it, even though I work at the opposite end of the firing range.

As for inspiration fleeing....that is probably the most frightening thing possible for any creative person. I look at a lot of stuff and set up little goals for myself. Something I know I can do, but will demand a little thought from me. A few years ago I decided to make a new animal whistle each week for a year. I had to think about the animal but not a whistle, because that was the easy part. It was a small project but it gave me a self imposed goal and got me going again.

Give yourself time. You've had Kickstarter and a lot of family stuff to contend with.....perhaps you need to give yourself the gift of a complete veg-out, creative break.

Newfoundout Potter said...

I too have had stress - though of a good kind - our first grandchild! Just like for you it distracts me from my creativity. I find if I can sketch a lot it helps to bring me back on track - that way I can "make" a lot of different "pots" in a small amount of time and still explore different aspects or themes easily without investing in a lot of studio time.

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