Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Wrap Up

It rained, pretty hard at times, both days of the sale; which sucked, but whaddaya gonna do? It's weather. Railing against it is the definition of futile. On the bright side, I didn't lose any money, and got to spend a day with my good friend Karen, who is an absolute trooper. We watched a DVD of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while waiting for the rain to quit. On the further bright side, it's my habit not to make any plans for the proceeds of event like this until the money is in my hand, so I'm not in a woeful place. I haven't brought the pots in yet and probably won't until Wednesday morning, so a few more sales may trickle in.

Next up: sending out Kickstarter thank-you cards, taking apart and cleaning my burners (YIKES), another ^6 test firing - this time at home, I think - and a ^10 maybe June 1? Also, a nap, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

I'm store-sitting Thursday & Friday, which should give me some time to post the Thursday Inspiration, which has been AWOL these last couple of weeks; and also to spend some time with Glazemaster, to see if it's maybe a little more user-friendly than Insight. I like it better, at first blush, because it gives you an option of output in percent by weight, as opposed to only RO Unity or Molar Weight. I don't mean to libel Insight - maybe there is an option for percent by weight in there somewhere, but I looked around the program for a good long time and did not find it. I did decide that it's more than worth it to understand both the RO Unity method and molar weight, but I need the program to be a sort of Rosetta Stone to get me there, until I've got my head around it.

And oh hey - if you're visiting coastal Maine this summer, drop in on Rick at On the Main! I just delivered him a boatload of pots. Also check out Ryan's Irish Pub, just up the road in Kennebunkport - my brother & his wife will be playing Irish tunes there on alternate Saturdays all summer.


Lori Buff said...

Sometimes you just have to make the best of a rainy show.

Unknown said...

May in Maine is SO unpredictable. Maybe you could consider a Father's Day Potters' Tour.

Unknown said...

At least it wasn't snow ;)

Lori Watts said...

Good point!