Saturday, September 8, 2012

Three Days in the Studio

  • Yesterday - Because I knew I would be loading a bisque today, I limited myself to small items that would have some hope of drying in time for the firing. Here are some soap dishes and spoon rests, made by dragging a stretched spring through a ball of clay, and then slapping the resulting textured slab onto the tabletop a few times to distort it. It has been pretty humid lately, and I am not at all sure these will be dry enough by the time I load this afternoon. 
  • Today - Grinding and washing shelves, making cone packs, loading the kiln and bricking the door. This will be a half-day as studio work goes; I also need to mow my lawn and vacuum the multitude of spiders out of my home before they take over. 
  • Tomorrow - Bisque firing! And, as is my habit, I will clean up the studio while the kiln is firing. 
I think of September as a time of new beginnings, a leftover from school days, I suppose. I will be getting back into the swing of a more rigorous work schedule, as my accounts will need inventory for their holiday shopping season. I've definitely got that back-to-school feeling.

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