Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened After the Orders were Filled

Though I still have orders to fire, all the ware for existing wholesale accounts has been thrown, so when I sat down at my wheel today, I could make anything my little heart desired, for the first time in a month. The only problem? I couldn't think of anything to throw.

Mugs, I suppose - never have enough of those. But I'm kind of all mugged out. This is something I didn't anticipate when doing all my careful (well, sort of careful) planning: I don't feel like throwing. I need to, because I've got a bisque scheduled on Wednesday, and if I am going to seek out a new consignment outlet this month, I need to have something to put in it...but, meh. I just don't feel like it. I never seriously considered that I might have to force myself to throw!

I ended up making some bottles, not too bad, that are giving me ideas for some other things...

What do you do, when you get stuck?


Darcy said...

Why I look at your blog for inspiration :)

June Perry said...

When I think I have enough pots to fill the kiln, that's when my sketchbook comes in handy. There's always something new in there to try.

Patricia Griffin said...

I do what you did... just start working and something happens. Or sometimes I just go to the beach. :)

- Celes - said...

I look to my molds. I have a library of hump, slump, and slip molds I've made. I'm not strictly a thrower and having a base shape to start with is usually enough to get me going.

Seeing what other people are doing is also a major inspiration. I've struggled with this since I've been working alone, but that is where the internet comes in handy (and yes, that includes your blog!).

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