Friday, August 5, 2011


I have two standing rules regarding unloading the kiln: I won't open the door until a twist of paper, stuck in through the spy, does not smoke or smolder. This tells me that the kiln is below 450°. The second rule is that I will not unload any pots until I can do so with bare hands. Even my most sensitive glazes are not more sensitive than my hands, and if they were I'd replace or reformulate them, because a glaze that can't handle hand-comfort level also can't handle the dishwasher or the microwave.

But boy: the temptation. I am dying to know if the whole kiln is as good as the front sundae dish, and also, there something funny going on further back, like maybe a pot slumped?

Anyway. I'll find out soon enough. Well, not soon enough, but soon.
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