Saturday, March 19, 2011

First or Second?

Here's my most favoritest pot from last weekend's firing. Unfortunately it's a second...or is it? You be the judge. The glaze ran, as a result of a whole boatload of soda and salt, and stuck the pot to the shelf, creating a big, crusty goober on the bottom. (For the technorati, "goober" is the term for a blob of glaze or soda marring the pot; "woogie" is the name for a bit of kilnwash or a shard stuck to the glaze.) I inherited my father's trusty bench grinder, however, and between that and a Kemper stick, the bottom is smooth, although the goober is still visible. So, technically it's a second, but when is a flaw not a flaw? When it doesn't compromise the function in any way, and when the pot is more beautiful for it. 

You can sort of see which way I'm leaning. 


Unknown said...

Hi Lorie~ I'm ok with a goober!! I say it's a first :)

BTW, fired my gas kiln for the first time yesterday and thought of you. Your posts inspired me! Thank you for helping me build the courage to go forward... Though I did not build my kiln, like you did!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

I'd say it's a first - with a special bonus! Very nice!