Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blizzard Babies

It will be entirely consistent with my history with automobiles, if the hearse breaks down on the way to my funeral. I have dreadful car-karma, and it has been manifesting itself with a vengeance this winter. Two major blizzards, two concurrent breakdowns, plus a bum alternator and a minor accident to keep things interesting.

Lemons became lemonade during my most recent misfortune, however: my fuel pump quit in the midst of a terriific storm, but fortunately it did so just a couple blocks from Portland Pottery, where I am on the faculty, and where, also, I could not only use the phone to call a tow, and have a warm place to wait, but I could also get clay and use a wheel. And what else was there to do? So I made mugs, to fill a recent order from Phil at Bay View Company.

In related news, I've been noticing a used Ford Ranger for sale, that I drive by often in my travels. I asked after the cost and found that I almost afford it...and it might be worth to have automotive back up, given my history. 

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