Friday, November 26, 2010

Glazed & Ready

Here are a few pots for tomorrow's firing. I'd like to start loading now but don't dare becaue it is expected to be so cold tonight, and I don't want the pots to freeze; I have written off candling as a waste of money & propane, and an environmentally unsound practice. Unfortumately that means loading & firing happen all in one day, in cold weather.
Anyblah. Glazing is finished, and I can't start loading. Can't clean up until all the pots are out of there...Guess I'm off to read a book. Cheers! Hope your holiday was spectacular.


Chris said...

cold weather makes things pretty tricky - that's for sure.

I'm surprised to hear that you find candling to be a waste of time is that because you are running a propane kiln?

Lori Watts said...

Candling is useful for a bisque firing, to prevent the rapid escape of steam that can cause breakage; but I can't see that it serves a purpose in the glaze firing, except, you know, to keep the pots from freezing. Everything is already bisqued, so there's no water to drive off, except the small amount introduced through glaze application. I climb slowly through the first couple hours of glaze firing, but don't candle perse. I haven't seen any difference in my results.

Craig Edwards said...

Some fine looking pots! Looking forward to the finished ones. Yes, I agree with your outlook on candling, candling makes my nose drip:O)
Good fires...

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Ahhh, nice pots. I love that mug. Happy firing!

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