Friday, October 9, 2009

Bud Vases

Does anyone use bud vases anymore? It's just my luck that I love to make stuff like bud vases and tea bowls that nobody uses. Although I have had some luck re-branding tea bowls as bourbon cups. Tells ya something. I wouldn't touch bourbon myself, not with a pole. (Not big on tea, either; I just like the forms.)

Anyway. Nice relaxing day in the studio, making small stuff and listening to Lyle Lovett. Nothing new on the kiln front; I've been too worried about layoffs at the office gig to spend any money on anything not strictly and immediately necessary. The recession may be technically over but we are a long way from out of the woods. 

On the upside, it seems people are still enjoying affordable luxuries like pottery. Maybe even bud vases!


Craig Edwards said...

Nice idea!!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

I like the idea of branding pottery as "affordable luxury." Great way of putting it. Studio time with Lyle Lovett is a primo way to do a day!

Linda Starr said...

Bud vases are nice to put on on the kitchen counter, the bathroom counter, or have at an office desk, especially if you have flowers from your own home you want to display. I know all too well economy, that's for sure.

Natalie Thiele said...

I like bud vases whether or not I put buds in them. Yours are gorgeous. Can't wait to see how you glaze them.