Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Goal Setting

I had a wake up call this week, in the form of a voicemail from the director of Watershed, asking for a callback regarding the kilns. Tyler is my buddy and a great guy, but I managed to convince myself that he was going to tell me I wouldn't be able to use Watershed's kilns anymore. The truth turned out to be no big deal -- thye are having some work done on the facility, so will need to limit access to the kilns to summer residents and staff until that is done. But it brought home to me that I really need to move forward on rebuilding my kiln, so I can do all my firings at home, not just the bisques. I love Watershed, and I love spending time there while I fire, but it's a little untenable to remain dependent on them. Also, it just starts to feel a little -- what? amatuerish? -- to be again using someone else's kiln, no matter how awesome the folks and facilities.
So: I have one main goal for June, and that is to get started on the kiln shelter, which is the necessary precursor to the kiln rebuild. I will not come up with $4000 all at once, but once the shelter is built, I can start stashing brick, buying a hundred (or whatever) at a time.


Unknown said...

I gave you an award! I really enjoy your blog. Check out the award on my blog... :o)

AnneW said...

I've always wanted to go to Watershed some summer. Hasn't happened yet, but I am ever hopeful. :)

Cheers! Anne

AnneW said...

oh i wanted to mention.. you have a listing in your blogroll for John Zentner.. well he passed away last year sometime. Thought you might like to know.

Sorry you couldn't modify the link to my blog. I still have you linked from mine btw.

Lori Watts said...

Hi Anne -- I figured it out! It turns out to be not that hard after all. We are now linked!