Friday, December 19, 2008

Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

For some reason, I find that I only spend about 10 hours a week in the studio on average. This seems like a ridiculously small number, given that my part-time job and classes gobble only about three days of each week, so I decided to try and figure out where all my time is going. I have to be a little careful what I write here, because of a minor stalking incident, but in general:

  • I get up quite early, between 5 and 6 am. I feed the critters, make coffee, do any dishes that have accumulated in the sink, and head upstairs to the office to check my email. Hubby is still asleep.
  • Here's where things bog down a little. While I drink my coffee, I'll check the email at several addresses, read several news sites, and my favorite blogs. This can take over an hour. Who am I kidding? This sometimes takes two hours, or more.
  • Breakfast, bath and dress. Take the dog for a walk. Call my mom, or my mother-in-law, or any friend I haven't talked to in a while. By now it's, say, 9:30. More coffee, check email, write To Do List.
  • The list always includes what I call the Home Blessing (thanks, FlyLady!), 15 or 60 minutes of cleaning the house, depending on the day. Some days that can go longer, if I've had to skip a few.
  • There are usually some errands on the list, like grocery shopping or going to the Post Office. This season there are lots more errands, what with shopping, sending cards, and so on. If it's nearby, I'll walk, and bring the dog. That makes it take longer, of course, but it's better for me and Qq definitely needs the excercise.
  • Lunchtime! Also time for a break. I'll usually sit and read for a while in the early afternoon.
  • Now hubby is up and we spend some time together before he begins his workday.
  • Now it's around 1:30 or two. If I have pots to price or pack, or invoices to print, or studio bills to pay, I'll probably do it now.
  • By three I'm finally in the studio! I'll probably work an hour and a half or two before it's time to start dinner.
  • After dinner, I might get back into the studio. Or hubby and I might take the dog out, or walk down to our local pub; or I might go to the gym.
  • By eight or nine I am either online again, or reading my book, or we're watching a movie.

This is a typical day only to the extent that I even have a "typical" day. Some days I will spend the whole day glazing, or tending the kiln; other days it's my turn to gallery-sit, or I have to go to my part-time gig, and teach a class in the evening, so I might not get into the studio at all. Nevertheless, this exercise has been very helpful! It seems part of my problem is a very leisurely approach to time management. It's a nice way to live, though -- do I want to change it?

I guess that's the next question to tackle.

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Linda Starr said...

Boy, I need to make a list like this too - you have really prompted me - I think the blogs are taking up a good part of my time.