Friday, October 3, 2008

Three Days in the Studiio

I have been so disorganized lately! Gotta get back into my list-making habit:


  • Set up for Audubon show
  • Unload bisque kiln
  • Trim bowls
  • Throw casseroles for CMC

One note: I haven't done a serious art fair since the 2003Baltimore ACC show (when the city got three feet of snow and shut down entirely. I ate out of vending machines for days.) My display was old then, and looking at it set up at at Gilsland Farms, it is looking shabby and half-assed. I almost think I shouldn't have done the show if that's the best I could do; but they invited me, and so...anyway, it's there now, and I resolve to redesign and rebuild the display before the MECA show in December.


  • Wax pots
  • Apply to MECA show
  • Gallery sitting
  • Post new pots on the retail site
  • Trim, stamp, handle casseroles


  • Glaze for October 10th firing
  • Pack up Audubon show

I also need to make time for a longer-term goal, to create a body of sculptural work to perhaps have a show in the spring. Somehow everything else seems to take priority. 

Beginning classes start again on Monday, intermediates on Tuesday. 

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