Saturday, April 19, 2008

God said, "HA!"

All of that stuff in the to-do list in the last post? Didn't happen. Well, some of it did: I taught my classes, I did manage to finish the mugs. But on Wednesday my ten-year-old Kia Sephia, which I had long referred to as "my so-called 'car,'" went to meet its maker. It is an ex-car. It stranded me not quite in East Gish -- more like Central Gish.
This plays havok with my ability to get anything done on two levels. Obviously anything I need a car for is out, but also, it's very difficult for me to concentrate on anything else with such a huge problem looming. The subtitle of this blog is "A Potter's Life," so I am including this event: this is part of being a potter for me, always driving an elderly vehicle and always on the edge of stranded. Next time it might not be Central Gish. It might be East Overshoe, or Bumfuck, Egypt.

Nevermind me. I'm just cranky. In a few days, I'll have this resolved, and it will be back to our regularly scheduled programming. We're still on track for a May 2nd firing.

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