Thursday, April 22, 2021

I will never not be a fck up

I got so much done yesterday! In addition to laundry & dishes & all the never-ending household crap, I created an ad for the Maine Pottery Tour (running in the KJ & Waterville Sentinel 4/25 & 4/30! More on that later) I got the bisque loaded, & did a 4-hour daytime candle before beginning the firing proper. Only then did I notice...I forgot to put in the cones! 

UGH! Luckily I left myself some time, on the assumption that nothing ever goes smoothly. I turned off the burners, waited until morning, and then carefully placed the cone pack - on the side that I could reach - thru the spy hole. I could do a very short candle, because the moisture had already been driven off; no problem. 
But the day dawned windy as hell, and I have been fighting one burner fluffing out all day. I basically built a fence of junk around it to shield it from the wind, and it seem s to be working, because 012 is falling. FINALLY. I have more flexibility in my bisque than some potters, but I'd like to get 08 to fall. 

I can always tell when I am trying to do too much, because I start forgetting things & making little mistakes. I set up the coffee maker but forget to put the water in. I send off a bill, then notice the check still on the table. I start a bisque but forget to put in the cones. 

Anyway! Soon this cursed bisque will be off & cooling. Still plenty of time (LOL) to glaze, load, and squeeze out a firing before the pottery tour. 

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